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The sea in Corfu Greece
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Seaside self-catering holidays abroad


Seaside holidays abroad usually mean dependable sunshine, sun tans and days lazing on a beach.

Evenings can be at the bar, in a restaurant or just walking along the sea front and people watching.

The seaside location on the left is of Corfu in Greece. Think tavernas by the sea, stuffed tomatoes, tzatziki, ouzo and yachts bobbing in the harbour.

Renting a villa for a seaside holiday abroad provides an easy and relaxing experience where you can make yourself at home. The great thing about self catering holidays abroad is that you can still eat the food you usually have if you don't take to the local cuisine.

There are numerous types of seaside rentals abroad such as villas, apartments, village houses, chalets and log cabins depending on which country you plan to visit. Many have outdoor pools.

A selection of seaside holidays abroad in villas and apartments is shown below:

villa holidays by the sea abroad


seaside holidays


Beach holidays abroad

seaside and beach holidays abroadIt's not all banana boats, wind surfing and sailing on a foreign beach holiday.

It's important to go prepared with all necessary innoculations, plenty of sun tan lotion, insect repellent and beach shoes to prevent being harmed by accidentally stepping on a sea urchin.

Properly equipped you can have a really good holiday and soak up that sunshine before you have to return home.

Don't forget the sun hat!