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There is nothing quite like the British seaside experience. Forget all those beach holidays to the Caribbean or the Med where well-oiled bodies lie basking in the sun. In Britain you are just as likely to see people sitting on the beach fully clothed and wrapped up warm except for the few weeks of hot days at the height of summer. One of the reasons for the large number of tourist attractions that we have is because people need to have somewhere to go, and something to look at or do when it rains.

a list of seaside cottages for holidays in the UKIn Britain, we learn to make the most of our beaches all year round. Families head for the beach whenever the sun shines during the summer, so do check that weather forecast.

Traditional entertainment on our beaches, apart from the usual sand castle building, digging enormous holes for the unwary to fall into and burying members of the family who are trying hard to do nap, often includes hunting and gathering in rock pools, flying kites, collecting sea shells, hunting for buried treasure ( a metal detector is useful) and sliding down sand dunes if your beach is backed by them.

Extreme sports are practiced at certain harbourside locations in Scotland where the concept of Health and Safety is scorned and children leap into the harbour for fun and play 'who dares', dodging boats and pleasure craft

The strange fact remains that where there is no organised seaside entertainment, people make their own.


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seaside cottage holidays - Southend Essex

Piers extending out to see are a great British seaside tradition. Many have some entertainment and eateries at the end of the pier to reward people who have made the effort to walk to the end.

There is always something to see at the end of the pier; people fishing, sitting around and enjoying the views, taking photographs, eating ice cream and generally relaxing by the seaside.

Some piers, such as the one at Southend in Essex shown above, also have a train that ferries people in one or both directions.