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Seaside cottages on the Isle of Wight, southern England


One thing about an island for a summer holiday is that there are beaches all around a small island. The Isle of Wight is one of England's best seaside holiday destinations, there is a good number of seaside resorts and a wide variety of beaches to choose from.

The island itself is quite small and can be crossed in any direction in under an hour. There are gently shelved sandy beaches at Ryde, Ventnor and Freshwater. Pristine white cliffs back some of the beaches at the north west and south east of the island. Alum Bay is known for its coloured cliffs and sands - something new to experience on a seaside holiday.

In 2013 a young English girl called Dairy Morris had the privilege of having a dinosaur named after her. She found the dinosaur fossil on Atherfield Beach on the Isle of Wight when she was just five years old. The dinosaur was a pterosaur, hitherto undiscovered, and was named ectidraco daisymorrisae.

Dinosaur footprints can be seen in the rock of certain beaches and lengthy parts of the crumbling cliffs in the south west of the island contain more dinosaur fossils. Unsurprisingly, there is a dinosaur museum near the seaside resort of Sandown and many opportunities to follow in dinosaur footprints.

cottages to rent isle of wight for self-catering holidaysRent a seaside cottage on the Isle of Wight to find out more about dinosaurs.












More about beach holidays in the Isle of Wight

Ferries from the English mainland carry passengers and cars across the Solent for holidays. It is admittedly a wonderful summer holiday destination for a multitude of reasons, the huge number of beaches, the interesting places for children to visit, bicycles to hire, steam train rides, boat trips, sailing lessons, quad bikes, pony trekking and the chance to stay amongst very friendly and polite Isle of Wight people.

A special mention must be given to the high standard of food on the Isle of Wight. This includes wonderfully creamy ice creams, fudge is sold everywhere and children could visit a sweet factory at the Needles Park.