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Seaside cottages in England


Excluding the prospect of fabulous beaches with plenty of family entertainment, people lease seaside holiday cottages in England for a variety of reasons because:

1. They have children, and the thought of managing children and babies in a restricted hotel environment on holiday is a nightmare.

2. They have a dog or two and dogs become distressed when left in kennels or with relatives. It is easier to rent a dogs welcome cottage and take the dog with you.

3. Self-catering breaks are the most cost effective method of taking a family on holiday and every family should have a summer seaside break.

4. They can afford a lovely cottage with lots of space, a garden and all the comforts of home.

The cost of seaside cottage rentals varies widely depending on quality, location, distance from the sea and facilities provided. Choose your seaside location and explore cottage holiday possibilities in that area.

seaside cottages in england


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The best places for a seaside holiday in England

The best place for a seaside holiday much depends on your vision of a seaside holiday.

If you like a busy, noisy seaside resort with plenty of amusements then head for the large commercial resorts such as Great Yarmouth, Blackpool, Brighton, Southend-on-Sea. These teem with holidaymakers out to have a good time, clubs, pubs, shops, theatres and eateries.

There is also the other extreme of pretty coves and quiet beaches and no facilities whatsoever.

England offers an incredible choice in seaside resorts. It is best to research your destination and then look for a cottage in or near that particular seaside resort.

If you plan to stay in a popular location and drive, it is worth trying to lease a cottage with its own parking space. Parking is always a problem on the south coast and spending valuable holiday time driving around looking for a space can be most frustrating. At one time it was almost worth being a member of the National Trust just for the use of their car parks, especially for the West Country.

More centrally, the New Forest stretches down to the Solent and pleasant seaside locations. This part of southern England has the dual benefit of woodland trails and wild ponies in the national park plus days out at the seaside. Because of the national park, there will be plenty of cottages to rent in the New Forest area.

A liitle forther south across the Solent is the Isle of Wight - a cottage holiday haven for family seaside breaks. Find out more about seaside cottages on the Isle of Wight.

A stunning remote location in England is the furthest south westerly tip of Land's End in Cornwall. This area offers spectacular cliff and coastal walks, long stretches of white sandy beach such as Sennan Cove and is the perfect location for family self-catering seaside breaks.