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Seaside cottage holidays

The coast around Britain and Ireland is magnificent and varied. Follow the coastline and discover endless variation and endless stunning views. There is so much more to the coast than just a beach holiday, lovely though that is for young children.

Go to Cornwall in the south west of England or the north east coast of Scotland for tall awe inspiring granite cliffs teeming with seabirds. To the south east of England, the chalky cliffs are a welcoming sight for travellers returning home via Dover.

Our fishing heritage is evident in the many harbours and fishing villages. Most are now used for pleasure boats rather than commercial fishing but the old harbour walls and lighthouses still stand stolidly against the elements.

Coastal walks are popular for the wonderful sea views they afford. You could spend a lifetime and not manage to walk the coastal routes around Britain and Ireland.

We can but sample the seascapes of individual areas and enjoy the views that nature has bestowed on our lands. Book a cottage holiday and explore the wonders of the seaside.