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Family Seaside Holidays in Britain


Children like nothing better than paddling and digging in the sand at the seaside. They can amuse themselves for hours on the beach. Take a few beach activities along such as a cricket set, beach ball and buckets and spades and sand toys and you can anticipate many pleasurable hours with your family on the beach.

seaside self-catering holidaysOne thing that is important for children is sand, so before you book anywhere to stay, check whether the beach is sandy, it's not quite the same trying to make sand castles with pebbles.

Most families are budget conscious so the better prepared you are, the less money you will spend on your family break in the long run.

Stay in a rented holiday cottage in Britain so that you can cook for yourselves and have all food you require for drinks, snacks and meals. You will also be able to pack a picnic to avoid paying for lunch.

See our list of suggested British seaside holidays in self-catering cottages


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Equipment to take on your British family seaside holidays

  • Buckets and spades
  • Plastic shoes for children in case of broken glass
  • A mat, rug or portable chairs
  • Beach towels
  • Sunscreen and hats, anti-UV tents for babies
  • Beach toys such as beach balls, cricket sets
  • Windbreak


Ideally, a wheeled bag of some kind to easily wheel this large amount of equipment down to the beach, because unless you go on holiday somewhere quiet in Scotland, it is usually very difficult to find parking close to a beach and families need so much stuff!

One superb family seaside holiday destination in England is the Isle of Wight. A relatively, small island, it is easy to get to, just a short ferry ride across the Solent, and offers a wide range of family friendly beaches all around the island. The Isle of Wight has welcomed holidaymakers for family breaks for many a year and is well developed in terms of family entertainment and activities that keep all ages amused. There is a good range of cottages on the Isle of Wight to rent for good quality family holidays.

Self-catering holidays are popular with families in the UK and therefore there is a large number of suitably sized cottages available to rent for self-catering breaks all year round. Cottages that sleep 6 are inevitably popular because this suits most families.