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By the Seaside


"We all love to be by the seaside"

As soon as hot weather if forecast, families all over Britain and Ireland, gather their children, picnics, rugs, chairs and buckets and spades and head off to the nearest beach.

Ideally we would prefer to have booked a week or two (in good weather) at a seaside holiday cottage and be able to walk to the beach, avoiding any car parking problems. This is possible with a little careful planning and a spirit of adventure.

It may prove most difficult to find that idyllic cottage by the seaside on the south coast of England at popular seaside resorts but will be achievable if you cast your eyes a little further afield. How about the Isle of Wight, the Scilly Isles, Channel Islands or Northumberland coast?

Go as far as Scotland and you can almost have the beach to yourself.

Many people do not think beyond the familiar but the rewards are immense if you consider beyond that and discover different kinds of seaside holidays.


seaside holidays


Things to do by the seaside in Britain and Ireland:

Boating and canoeing

Wind surfing, water skiing

Fishing and crabbing

Golf, especially on links courses in Scotland

Walking coastal paths

Photography, painting

Horse riding on the beach

Beach volleyball, cricket and other sports

Bird watching


Take a look at some of the seaside holidays featured below and find out what you can do by the sea.